2019 registrations

Registrations for the 2019 season are now open.  Please click on the link below.


Rugby AU have implemented a new system in 2019 and we have put together a short guide to assist with the registration process and help you avoid a number of common mistakes that we made during testing:

Player registration guide

Volunteer registration guide

Please read the relevant guide prior to registering! Any questions or issues (including problems claiming the Sibling Discount), please contact Brooke Jorey on admin@harbordharlequins.com.

Don’t forget to get your $100 Active Kids voucher from the NSW Government before registering, as you will be asked for details of this during the registration process.  Visit www.service.nsw.gov.au/active-kids for more information.

Further Information:

Fees for the 2019 season:

Under 6 (born 2013): $110.00 ($99.00 with Early Bird Discount)

Under 7 (born 2012): $135.00 ($121.50 with Early Bird Discount)

Under 8 (born 2011): $190.00 ($171.00 with Early Bird Discount)

Under 9 (born 2010): $190.00 ($171.00 with Early Bird Discount)

Under 10 (born 2009): $200.00 ($180.00 with Early Bird Discount)

Under 11 (born 2008): $200.00 ($180.00 with Early Bird Discount)

Under 12 (born 2007): $200.00 ($180.00 with Early Bird Discount)

Under 13+ (born 2006 or earlier): $180.00 (no Early Bird Discount - fee in line with fees being charged by other Vikings’ clubs).


  1. The Early Bird Discount rate will be available until Friday, February 22nd.  This discount will apply automatically at the time of registration (i.e. you do not need to do anything).  Any registrations received after this date will not receive the Early Bird Discount.

  2. A $25 Sibling Discount will be available for any additional players registered from the same family.  This discount will be made available during the registration process; however, please note that you will need to register all players in one go in order to claim the discount, and they will need to be linked under the registration system.  The discount will be applied to the younger child(ren) registered. 

  3. A 50% Bring a Friend Rebate will be available for any 2018 registered player that brings a player to the club in 2019.  This rebate will need to be applied manually by the club, and will require you to email Brooke Jorey on admin@harbordharlequins.com and copy in the family of the new player for confirmation.  Please note the following conditions:

  • The new player must be in the same age group as the existing Harlequins player;

  • Only one existing Harlequins player can claim the rebate in relation to each new player; 

  • Each existing Harlequins player can only claim the rebate in relation to a maximum of two new players; 

  • The rebate is not available in respect of players that have previously been registered with the Harlequins or were registered with another MJRU-affiliated club in 2018 (Allambie, Forest, Manly or Seaforth); and 

  • The rebate will be applied to the net amount received in relation to your registration.  For example, if you are registering an Under 8 player and are entitled to the Early Bird Discount and Sibling Discount in relation to that child, you would receive a $73 rebate from the club ($190.00 less $19.00 Early Bird Discount less $25.00 Sibling Discount equals $146.00 net payment equals $73.00 Bring a Friend Rebate).  This rebate will be payable to you regardless of whether or not you have utilised the Active Kids voucher in relation to the registration.

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