HISTORY of the harlequins


The Harbord Harlequins were born over a BBQ and a few beers, as all good rugby clubs should be.

Graeme Hodge (Ex St Ives Subbies), Geoff Waterworth (Ex Port Hacking) and Michael Harradine (Ex South Curl Curl SLSC Subbies) were discussing the current rugby climate and the merits of the local junior rugby clubs. Some other local Harbord parents had mentioned that the nearest junior clubs were at Dee Why West (DY LIONS) or Manly (MANLY ROOS). Why no Harbord team?

With 2 local schools and over 1,000 children in the 5-12 age group, surely there would be enough children to field a rugby team or 2 from Harbord. So started the Harbord Harlequins; Graeme became President, Geoff was Vice President and Michael the founding Secretary.

A written proposal was put to Manly Marlins Rugby Club and the junior development officer, James McCormack, met with "Quins" officials. The Marlins offered start-up funding to buy jerseys, the Manly Juniors threw in some $$$ to cover advertising, fees, etc and local legal eagle, Gary Stewart, donated funds to purchase club merchandise (T-Shirts).


Geoff Waterworth and Michael Harradine worked on a logo for the club. Graeme Hodge researched other Harlequin clubs around the world. Club colours, motto and slogan were adopted.

COLOURS - adopted from local surf clubs FRESHWATER SLSC (Maroon & White) and SOUTH CURL CURL SLSC (Royal Blue, Gold & White).

MOTTO - "When we play, we play with Style", a slight variation to the motto of the London Harlequins, "When you play, play with style".

SLOGAN - "The game they play in heaven is now in God`s Country" G Hodge

Geoff and Michael attended a Level O coaching and refereeing course and BINGO !!! The HARBORD HARLEQUINS were off and running. 


Club FAQs

Q. When did the Club start?

A. The Club was founded in 2001. The Founders were Graeme Hodge, Michael Harradine and Jeff Waterworth.

Q. What are the Club Colours?

A. The Club colours are Maroon, White, Blue and Gold with the dominant colour being Maroon. These colours are representative of the District and are shared with organisations such as;

  • Harbord Public School.

  • Nth Curl Curl School.

  • St Johns the Baptist School.

  • Freshwater Surf Lifesaving Club.

  • South Curl Curl Surf Lifesaving Club