Harlequins Junior Rugby

Harlequins Juniors is from Under 10s to Opens (Under 18s). The sides in each age group are graded at the start of the season and the teams play in a Sydney wide graded competition. A lot of effort goes into making sure that players are playing in a  team which is the appropriate level and are competing against teams of a similar level.  Experience shows that this is where the best players development takes place and the players get the most enjoyment.

As in Minis, there is a well defined development pathway for junior rugby players and quality player coaching is a priority for the club. In under 10s, the teams are 12 a-side and the pitch is reduced in size. There are a number of other variations to the laws, designed to develop the players and ensure safety.

Teams and pitch grows progressively until Under 13s, when they play 15 a-side and more or less full rugby.