The Harbord Harlequins Rugby Club would be delighted to welcome your organisation to our community of Sponsors.
The Harbord Harlequins Rugby Club has a long tradition of working closely with local businesses in our community. These local sponsors all support the club financially, and by doing so, help our junior rugby club to operate successfully. It is through this support that the Harbord Harlequins has been able to grow year-on-year and build a junior rugby club providing a safe and fun environment for the development of junior rugby in our community. 
The Harlequins have grown significantly in recent years and the financial demands on the Club grow in line with this, and it is for this reason that the club is seeking the support of additional sponsors.
The Club takes its community and sponsorship relationships very seriously, and we believe that a successful sponsorship arrangement must be mutually beneficial. The Club is therefore committed to providing Sponsors with an effective and well-managed sponsorship program, together with the highest level of support, to ensure that the value of our sponsorship relationship to both our sponsors and the club meets expectations.
Who Are We?
The Harbord Harlequins Rugby Club was established in 2001 and is the fourth “village” club within the Manly Junior Rugby district. The club’s player catchment area is the suburbs of Harbord, North Manly, Curl Curl, North Curl Curl, Brookvale and Beacon Hill.
In their first season the club commenced with 10 players in one U7s’ team. For 2017 we had 300 players in age groups from U6 up to U16. With friends and families, this represents in excess of 1000 people directly involved with the Club, and many more with an indirect involvement.
Our teams play in the Sydney Junior Rugby Union competitions, an area encompassing the entire Sydney Metropolitan area, and includes 12 districts comprising of 60 clubs. The volume of active parents and players in such a large area present a Sydney-wide exposure for any sponsor.
What we offer potential Sponsors?
•    High engagement with our local community
•    Involvement in assisting with the development junior rugby players at grass roots
•    Association with a club playing an attractive brand of running rugby
•    A striking and distinctive brand (i.e. our colours, jersey design and logo)
•    An enthusiastic and professional management committee
•    Very active online presence through our website and social media
•    Joint promotional opportunities
•    A committed supporter base of local residents with above average disposable incomes
Why Do We Need Sponsorship?
We wish to maintain fees at a level commensurate with other sports and facilitate the growth of the club. For the players, we wish to teach them a love of the game in a safe and enjoyable manner with equipment appropriate for the purpose.
The club particularly desires sponsorship arrangements with local businesses that build on a sense of community involvement.
In summary sponsorship is sought to:
•    Reduce the financial burden on parents, by subsidising the registration fees
•    Purchase training and safety equipment, 
•    Purchase function and catering equipment
•    Purchase club promotional items
•    Fund upgrades and improvements to our clubhouse and ground facilities
•    Contract professional coaching organisations for the development of our coaches and kids
•    Pre-season promotional activities to attract new players to the club
•    General club administration
Branding And Promotional Opportunities
As a sponsor of the club you would achieve wide brand exposure. We have a number of sponsorship options available which provide a wide variety of opportunities to ensure your company exposure. Some of these include;
•    Inclusion on the Harbord Harlequins website
•    Exposure through our Social Media
•    Game day naming rights on flags and tents
•    Naming and branding at club events
•    Naming rights on club merchandise
•    Communication to club database via email
•    Naming rights for Harlequins Cup (39 clubs playing a gala day at our home ground)
•    Your company logo on our training shirts
•    Sponsorship and branding on training and safety equipment
•    Exposure to more than 1,000 people attending grounds where the club’s teams play each weekend

For more information on Sponsorship, please contact us at