Harlequins Club Guidelines and Policies

Our overriding rugby ethos at Harbord Harlequins has been to promote the game to maximise participation in sport and develop all players regardless of standard so they can form a lifelong involvement with the game, be it as a spectator, coach, official or player. We believe that Rugby Union, and the environment within this community provides kids with not only an opportunity to get involved in sport, but there is also a focus on personal and mental development. Building confidence and belief in themselves is paramount at our club.

Development and enjoyment is paramount and winning is a nice outcome, but less important. Forming elite pathways for our better players is necessary but not at the exclusion of keeping the most kids in rugby possible. Rugby is an environment that creates lifelong friendships and a sense of community and teamwork.

Below are some useful links to documents for more information on our club and ARU guidelines and policies;


Harbord Harlequins Constitution

Team Selection Policy

Expectations Of Behaviour

Game Management Guidelines