Wet Weather Policy

First, assume a match is on unless you hear otherwise. wet weather does not generally stop a rugby match. Matches are generally only stopped if the grounds are closed. The exception to that is a thunderstorm where player safety is put first and matches will be cancelled if there is any risk to players.

The Councils manage most, but not all, grounds. The Northern Beaches Council has a new policy for 2018, take a look at the Council Website which has links to check the status of grounds.

They check grounds at 10 am and 3 pm weekdays and at 7 am on weekends.

As a club, we'll let you know as early as we can if a match is cancelled. 

This will either be by email if there is time, but may be by SMS if it is late notice.

If you are in doubt about a match, please check your email and your phone.

If you have not heard from the club, your Age Group manager or your Team Manager, then the match is on!

Kids love a bit of mud!